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For this assignment, I was required to create an entire functioning website of my choice, complete with multiple pages, links, and a works cited using Macromedia Dreamweaver. I also had to create a working flash animation to go with my website using the Macromedia Flash Program. I chose to dedicate my website to one of my favorite bands, The Script, and provide information about their tour schedules, their backgrounds, and their music. By completing this task, I learned how to successfully read and create HTML codes, as well as the different aspects that go into producing a running website. In order to become familiar with these skills, our teacher had us complete a number of class assignments that enabled us to practice making small web pages and simple flash animations. We first learned HTML coding on notepad before moving onto Dreamweaver, and we took a few quizzes throughout the semester to test our knowledge on the content. By constantly practicing with both Macromedia programs class after class I was sufficiently prepared by the time it came for me to create my own site from scratch.

The most difficult aspect of this task, in my opinion, was the flash animation. I had trouble working with flash the first time around, partially because I was not in school the day my class initially learned it. It was a bit difficult for me to catch up with the rest of my classmates, and I still found myself having some trouble with the program while making a flash for my final website. The least challenging aspect, however, was making all the different web pages. We had practiced so much in class that by now Macromedia DreamWorks comes naturally to me. Also, The Script is a really interesting band, so I had a lot of fun learning more about them and compiling pictures of them to add to my site.

I have met many learning expectations and standards through the completion of this task. For one, I met standard 1.1 by communicating effectively using a technological, my website itself, and written, the text on each of my site’s pages, formats. Next, I achieved standard 1.4 by analyzing the directions given to me and using my problem solving strategies to ensure that I met all of the assignment’s expectations. Additionally I was able to meet standard 2.1, and demonstrate the skills for independence by creating the website and flash entirely by myself. As a student I learned to better handle my time management skills, and as an individual I have developed skills for two new technological formats of which I hope to use again in the future.

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