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Designing a Website with a Flash Movie

The 21 st century is supposed to be the age of technology yet many people in today’s culture don’t even know how to turn on a computer let alone design a website. In my web design class, I was given an assignment to create my own website. It could be on almost any topic we chose. Along with technological skills, this task allowed me to practice my creativity skills as well. In order to build a website, I had to prepare for many weeks. The preparation included making single-paged Macromedia Dreamweaver documents. Dreamweaver is a program specifically designed to create websites. Each assignment had more detail in it, until our single-paged website assignments actually had graphics and special formatting. Once we understood Dreamweaver, my class and I learned how to make moving graphic documents using Macromedia Flash MX. We learned how to add different effects to make the movies more interesting. After both Dreamweaver and Flash were understood completely, each person had to choose a topic to build a whole website.

The most challenging part of building my website was creating my Flash movie. Even when the class was preparing for this common task and learning how to use the program, I had difficulty understanding it. There were so many different steps I had to take to make one simple object move. Because there were so many steps, I was easily confused. The easiest part of the task was linking the pages of the website, and also linking any picture I used back to the original source I got it from. All I had to do was copy and paste the website address into the link box. For linking the web pages themselves, I had to click the folder button and select the correct file.

By completing this task, I met nearly all of the academic standards. Because this whole project revolved around computers, I met standard 1.1 by communicating effectively with technological formatting. I achieved standard 1.2 because I met proficiency by completing all of the requirements. There were many materials that were used to complete this task. There were three different programs: Microsoft Word, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Macromedia Flash MX, and there was also many websites in which I used Internet Explorer to find. Using the data and information I gathered, I created my website with numerous links and six pages. This allowed me to meet standard 1.3 and 1.4. I did everything by myself. I didn’t work with anyone else to accomplish this. This allowed me to achieve 2.1. I chose to build my site on the New York Yankees but everyone else in the class chose topics that appealed to them. This allowed me to achieve 2.3 because I understand that everyone is different and I gathered and understanding of respect and diversity. The last standard that was met by completing this task was 2.4. I did this because I will be able to use this task in my RIEPS portfolio, which will help me graduate. I also know how to build a webpage now. This skill will be a great help for me when I go to college because I would love to receive a degree in Software Engineering. All in all, I enjoyed doing this coming task a lot.

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