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Sajad Hosseini

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

19 January 2010

Arsenal Common Task

The internet is like a giant library; it has masses of information in different books, also known as a website, that can help the user expand his or her knowledge of the world. Before a website can be viewed though, someone must first create it. For this task, I had to create a website on a certain topic using Dreamweaver. The topic I chose was my favorite soccer club, Arsenal FC. My web pages included a homepage, team standings, player information, and works cited. While creating my website I acquired and demonstrated different skills to complete this common task. One of the skills I demonstrated while completing this task was the ability to create flash animations and installing them into a webpage. Another skill I needed to have for my webpage was the ability to organize links, pictures, and other information on one webpage. The final skill I demonstrated while completing this task was being able to use and navigate through Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 and Macromedia Flash MX 2004. To complete this task, I had to follow a firm process to guarantee proficiency. The first part of this process was to think of a topic for a webpage and design a layout for it in Microsoft Word. The second part of the process was to define a website named Arsenal FC. Next I had to create web pages for my different sites and link them all together. After, I created different flash animations to enhance the visual effect of my website. Finally, after my flash animations were inserted into the web pages, I was finished with my website and tested it in Internet Explorer.

Though this common task was lengthy it was not very difficult to complete. The most challenging aspect of the task was creating the flash animations. The creation of the different animations was tedious because it was difficult to put the different objects in motion. The least challenging aspect of this common task was linking the different web pages together. This was simple because the navigation bar at the top of the homepage was easy to copy and paste into the other web pages. I then was able to manipulate the navigation bar to link to all of the other web pages.

Through the completion of this task, I met many different expectations and standards. I met standard 1.1, c ommunicate effectively using oral, written, and technological formats. I met this standard by creating a website and using written information in my website. I also met standard 1.4, d emonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information . I met this standard by following the given directions, reading information, and then figuring what information was applicable to my website topic. Next, I met standard 2.1, d emonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration . I met this standard by working independently at a computer and using my small timeframe to finish a task. While completing this task, I learned that in order for me to complete important assignments, I manage my time properly. I also learned that when I try new things in the future, I have to adapt quickly to the new experience.

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