For this common task i had to create a website about nike products, mainly clothing. I also made an animation that was used on the homepage of the website which was called the index. During the completion of this task, i had to have the ability to create an animation for my specific subject.Although my animation didnt have much effort put into it, i don't think i chose a topic very usefull to research. I had to find pictures to place in each page to show what form of nike clothing there was. Also, i made a page of history and where Nike originally came from. The skills required in this task were important to use so that you don't end up completing it late, like i did.

To complete the website i had to create 9 website pages including info about the company and pictures for viewers of the website. my biggest opstacle was linking every picture because i hadn't done that in the first place, so it took some time to complete that part of the task. This task has helped me to understand Web Design better because i've had the experience of creating a real and active dreamweaver website.

The completion of this task has helped me as a student because it has taught me how to create a website with more knowledge about how to accomplish a website creation. I probably won't be making websites in the future but it is still nice to see that i could create a website.


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