For this assignment, I had to choose a topic and create a web site and flash about it. Before creating this website I had prior knowledge of using Dreamweaver because we used it so frequently in class. I needed to know how to create a website and make and effective flash animation using the programs Dreamweaver, to create the Website of our topic, and flash, used to create flash animations. During the creation of this website i learned new techniques and tools of creating a successful, resourceful website. It was very important to be able to use these skills during the task so i could meet the NHS Mission Learner Expectations.

To start this Website i first had to choose a topic. i chose McDonalds because i knew that there would a lot of information I could use. There were a few obsticales that I encountered during the completion of my Website such as, not knowing how to create an effective layout and how to delete extra space on the page that i did not need, i feel that i was successful in overcoming those obsticales. I asked friends and played around with the Webpage Properties to fix these problems. This task helped me understand Web Design because I knew i needed to make the Website the to the best of my ability and I found new things I didnt know how to do in this process.

The completion of this task has helped me learn more tjhings involving Dreamweaver and Flash, I also grew a lot as an overall student. I learned problem-solving skills and time management. I anticipate using these skills in future Technology classes.

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