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Some interesting, useless facts about skiing for your entertainment:

  • Skiing was introduced in the late stages of the Stone Age, and was used as a form of transportation
  • The first skiers were cross country skiers, using only thin leather straps for bindings
  • The oldest pair of skis were found in Russia, dating back to 6300 B.C.E.
  • Ski poles came from the walking sticks people used while snowshoeing
  • The term “ski” originated in Finland from the word suski
  • Rock paintings of skiers were found in Russia from around 3000 B.C.E., proves that skiing did exist then
  • Skiing was a betting game among Vikings
  • Roller Skiing was invented in 1600 A.D.
  • Toe and heel bindings were introduced 1667
  • Telemark skis introduced in 1800 for faster transportation
  • 1841- First reported skier in the USA, just a little behind the rest of the world…
  • 1866- First ski school (Norway)
  • 2002- Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah

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