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Task-Design a Website

Standards 1.1, 1.4, 2.1

Skiing Website Reflection

My task was to design a website on a topic of my choice; skiing. This website had to include a flash animation, a home page, any pages that could be made to describe our topic, and a works cited page. Three skills I acquired from the completion of this task would be using the program Dreamweaver when creating my website, learning to create the flash I have made for my website, and building organizational skills when planning how my website would be laid out. To learn the content needed for the completion of this task, I made multiple smaller websites using Dreamweaver for background knowledge before this task and I also played around with the program for my flash animation to be familiar with it.

The most challenging aspect of this task was the creation of the website. This was difficult for me because many of the design tools I need are hidden under drop down menus or other places that you wouldn’t think to look, so none of the program seemed to make sense to me as far as organization. The least challenging aspect of this task was the creation of the flash animation. I understood the program because it worked very much like a notebook, where you draw pictures in the corner of every page while only changing small details, then flipping through the pages quickly to give the illusion of motion.

The standards I met through completing this task were 1.1, 1.4, and 2.1. I met standard 1.1 by communicating effectively with the use of technology – my website. I met standard 1.4 by demonstrating problem solving skills. I was forced to problem solve when anything went wrong in my website. Usually if there was a problem, I would solve it by looking up the answer online. Finally, I met standard 2.1 by demonstrating my ability to work independently on my task. I know this because I have worked on my project alone for the past 20 web graphics classes.

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