Spongebob Squarepants and Friends

Not many people realize where the information they get from the Internet actually comes from. For this task I had to create an entire website from scratch that includes a Flash animation. To learn what to do for this task, I had to learn every single thing about websites because they are very particular. We started with learning how to write code for websites, then we learned how to create flashs, then our ultimate goal was to create a website like I have created here. I acquired many, many skills by doing this task. I learned how to understand code and can now look at websites and know what some of the code means and how the website was formatted using that code. I also learned how to use Flash to make an animation and then how to put that Flash into a website. Ultimately I used my knowledge to create my own website complete with multiple, linked pages, and information that I chose to write about; which happened to be Spongebob Squarepants. Everything about creating websites from understanding code to knowing how to use Dreamweaver is what is needed to make a website even as simple as this one. Without learning what I learned over the course of this semester it would have been absolutely impossible to try to create a website on my own.

To make my website I had to use Dreamweaver to first define the website and then make tabs for the amount of pages I was going to have in my website. I then linked all of the pages together using a library item to paste a header and footer onto each page with the linked sites. Then I started researching my topic, Spongebob, so I could fully explain what I was trying to put out to the reader. Next, I added my flash onto the Home Page by exporting the flash from the Flash program into a movie and then adding the link onto my homepage. Once I got all of my information onto the webpages, I made it look pretty using Spongebob-themed colors. The biggest problem that I had when I was making my website was that I had forgotten how to use Dreamweaver... But I fixed this problem by talking with some friends and Mr. Herz. And i finished my website! Completing this task has helped me understand Web Design because I made my own website. I used my knowledge to complete a successful Flash animation and also make this website. This course has deffinitely been one of the more difficult courses I've taken for an elective, but it has been a learning stretch and I'm glad I decided to take this course and learn what it takes to create a website.

By learning how to make a website and a Flash, I have grown as a student and as a person. I've learned what it takes to build an entire website from scratch, from understanding the code, to using Dreamweaver to build the website more easily. But now that I have learned how to make a website, I can use what I've learned when I need it in the future for what ever it might be. I probably won't make another website for many other reasons. At least not now when I'm still in school. Maybe I'll need to use the skills I've learned in my career in the future. But even if I do I don't think I will make a website as elaborate as what is used on the Web. The complexity of websites on the Internet is amazing and I don't think I will ever be able to make a website like those.

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