Spongebob Squarepants and Friends


On this page, one can locate the actors and actresses that have made Spongebob Squarepants what it is today.

Tom Kenny:

Tom Kenny is the magnificent voice of many of
the characters on Spongebob Squarepants. He is
the famous voice of Spongebob himself, and he
also does the voices of the Narrator on the show,
Patchy the Pirate (a clumsy human pirate who
narrates some shows), and some other
miscellaneous characters.

Bill Fagerbakke:

Bill is the famous voice of the not-so-bright
star, Patrick. His voice has made Patrick
the blatantly clueless sea star he is. Patrick
would not have the same humor or character
with out the voice of Bill Fagerbakke.

Rodger Bumpass:

Surprisingly, this quirky-looking man is the
voice of the grumpy, lonely, octopus- Squidward.
Rodger has made Squidward the cranky character
he is. Squidward has to put up with Spongebob
and Patrick and Rodger has captured the attitude
for Squidward perfectly.

Clancy Brown:

Clancy Brown is the voice of the greedy Sailor-
Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs was a rough, tough
sailor back in his day, and now he is living
the rest of his life as the owner of the Krusty
Krab and making as much money as he can.
Clancy Brown has made the rusty voice that
is known as Mr. Krabs today.

Carolyn Lawrence:

Carolyn Lawerence is the kind, Texan voice
of Miss Sandy Cheeks. Sandy is a sweet
but smart squirrel and Carolyn has made
her who she is known to be.

Mr. Lawrence:

Once again, this quirky-looking man is the
voice of the evil villain- Plankton. No one
would know by looking at him that he could
put out the voice of such a mean little villain,
but he has made Plankton the famous little
phytoplankton he is.

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