Jasmine Hazard

Mr. Herz

Web Design

January 19, 2011

When entering web design class I did not think I would have a difficult time with the task that Mr. Herz was going to give me. But I thought wrong web design is not an easy class and there are specific rules and formats that have to be followed. Completing this common task was not an easy job because when creating a website I had to put tremendous time and effort into it in order for it to be my best work. The task was to create a website based on a topic that interest me and the topic I chose was Old School Hip Hop. I chose old school hip hop because I have loved hip hop since I was a little kid and the music inspires me. In order to complete this task I had to know everything we had leanred in class from the beginning of the year. Also whle researching the information about Hip hop I had to be very specific with what I was putting with my website and it had to be detailed. The background skills and knowledge that I also needed for this task was how to use Dreanweaver and all the tools in dreamweaver I would need to create my website such as inserting tables for my images and content. The skills I aquired while completing this task is independence and collbaoration because I did the whole website myself but occasionally asked Mr. Herz for help when I did not understand something. I also put alot of time and effort into completing my website until I was satisfied with my work. The importance of these skill is what I need to meet proficiency whichs mean I had to know everything I learned about websites prior to completing this task.

The process I used to complete this task was researching hip hop and when it first started then once I got all my information together I thought about what I wanted my website to look like. eventually I decided that I wanted my website to look like windows and inserted columns that were 3 x 3. While completing my task I encountered a few challeneges and trouble while trying to put my website together. For example many times I had to recreate ages because they got deleted and sometimes the links I had inserted and images did not work. But I did not let that stop me from creating my website. Instead of stressing about fixing the problem I had a positive attitude and remade each page and remaking each page was the best decision I made because it came out much better than it did the first time. This task helped me understand web design because I did not take into consideration all the hardwork it would take and how long it really takes to make a succesful website.

The completion of this task has helped me as a student because it has helped me understand how to create websites better and it also helped me work to my best ability. If it werent for all the skills I had learned in the beginning of the year in web design I would not have been able to create my website nor would I have known how to go about it and what I was doing. I can use the skills I learned in the future in case I ever decided to make a career out of creating websites or whther I'm just dojng it for fun. All the skills I have learned and all the process I've made can help me everyday because I'm often on a computer and creating a website is another skill I can use and it's beneficial.





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