Ignacio "Nacho" Figueras



I had the privilege of creating a website for celebrity, Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras. For this task I had to create a website from scratch that contained a Flash. To complete this task I had to know how to set up a website. To create a website I had to know how to use Dreamweaver, and how to add, and edit each page created. One of the requirements was to make a Flash that would go onto the website. To meet this requirement I had to know how to use Flash, I had to know how to create movement, and shapes. To know how to use all these different programs I had to practice by creating web pages and less complicated Flash animation. Since technology and computers seem to be taking over, having a basic knowledge of how to use them is practically a necessity when getting a job.

Before creating the website I had to pick a topic and then make an outline and a layout of the website, and I had to figure out what would go on each page and who my target audience was. I first had to create a site and then an index page. Then I had to create a new HTML page each time I wanted to add a new web page. I created each page by using a table as my format. Once I had a page setup I would search the internet for appropriate pictures, videos, and information. Then I had to use Flash to create an animation for my website. I faced some complications while trying to complete my website. For example, I accidentally erased my index page and had to make a new one. I also kept messing up my animation movement for my Flash, so it took more time than expected to complete it. This task helped me understand Web Design on a whole new level, because I had to personally create a website from scratch. I now know how tedious it is to make a website and how much hard work goes into it.

Creating this website helped me with my time management skills a great deal. To get a good grade on this task you cannot be a procrastinator, because there is so much work to do and you never know when you’re going to face a setback. The knowledge I acquired from doing this task I believe will help me with future jobs. Since most companies have people using a computer at sometime.

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