The Rules Of Play


The offense is the team with the ball. The offense is trying to take the ball and run or pass the ball into the other teams endzone. The object of the game is to score the most touchdowns. A touchdown is worth 6 points and when you score you can either choose to go for two or kick a field goal and get one point. The offense has 4 downs to get a first down. If the team gets a first down that means that they get to keep going for a touchdown. But if the defense stops them on the 3rd down then the offense can punt the ball or if they are close enough go for it or kick a field goal.


When your team is on defense you are supposed to try and block the offense from scoring. If the defense stops the offense on the four downs then they are able to get the ball back for they're offense. The defense can get a sack by tackling the quarterback in the backfield while he is looking to pass the ball. The players can intercept the ball by catching the ball that the offense threw.

Special Teams

On special teams there is kickoff and kick return. The kicking team is supposed to kick the ball and tyackle the kick returner. The kick return team is supposed to block the kicking team so that the kick returner can run the ball back as far as he can.


If you get called for a penalty than the referee will throw a yellow flag on the field to show that there is a penalty. These are the penaltys.

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