Ross Hodnett

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics & Design

06 January 2011

Build Your Own Website

“Come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine!” For this task I got to build my own website on whatever topic I wanted, and I chose the comedy series South Park. Even though this project was almost completely individual, there were a few requirements everyone had to meet. My website had to have a flash, which is a short animation that I make by myself. The flash had to be on a page in the website. Also the website had to have at least five pages, not including the home page, work cited, and reflection pages. Also you have to try to include all the qualities of a good website, as outlined by the book. I had no background skills coming into this class, I started from scratch. The first 6 weeks of the class was just doing web pages that slowly got more difficult. I started out by writing out the code the old fashion way in notepad. Once I understood the code we moved to Dreamweaver, which is a lot easier because it writes the code for you. Once I fully understood Dreamweaver, I just had to master flash, which didn’t take that long. There was no specific scaffolding for the task; it was just all the little assignments that built up to it. I acquired the skills of knowing how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash. I demonstrated skills such as being able to follow directions, and research information. These skills are important because I needed to find information for my website.

To complete the website I first started building my flash. That took me a few days, and I then exported that to my home page of my website. After that, on Dreamweaver I started building all my pages. I already had my Site Sketch done, so I just needed to add the content. I made sure all the links worked, and all the pictures were cited. One obstacle I encountered in the flash was that I wanted to have the four main characters in my flash. But, I tried drawing them and they came out horrible, so I had to get pictures of them off the internet. Doing this makes it that in the flash they are less fluent and move unrealistically. Also when building my website I wanted to include my site sketch I made, but I couldn’t link it because I had spaces instead of underscores when I saved it. I didn’t have any major errors, but those few obstacles I encountered I made sure I fixed them. This helped me understand Web Design for one simple reason: I now know how to make a decent website with a flash in it.

This task has helped me as a student because I acquired a great knew skill. This skill, as I mentioned before, was learning how to build a website. This can be very helpful because I’ll never know when I could have the opportunity to make another to enhance a project. I anticipate using the skills I learned here in the future in the way I just mentioned: to enhance a project. Or, I could use it in a career some day. There are a lot of jobs out there for people who know how to build a website, because in today’s world almost every company is based online.