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The Creators of the show are Matt Stone and Trey Parker. They use a unique style of cut out animation which makes it seem like the characters and objects are like pieces of paper glued together. With new technology the animation looks more realistic and episodes can be produced in less than a week. That is why they include the most current issues in the world in their episodes. South Park is famous for its political satire and controversal comedy. The creators take current issues in the world and incorporate them with some humor throughout the show. For example, the the South Park triology about the BP oil spill just aired in November. Also, some famous person is usually just completely made fun on each show such as Justin Beiber, Tom Cruise, and Paris Hilton. The comedy in the show is very easy to understand, and I'm sure any mature audience would find the show hilarious. The four main charcters go on different adventures in each show and experience new things. South Park obviously takes place in South Park, Colorado, but that is not a real town. Link to Picture
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