During the Renaissance period, women often wore soft slippers under the gowns that were worn at the time. They were made of fabrics such as brocade, silk, or emboidered leather, none of which were waterproof. The chopine, another piece of footwear with a raised sole, was introduced to Europe this period. The chopine was worn along Venice, and this fashion was spread to Italy and Spain. They were made of wood with painted motifs. The chopines could be over 30 inches high and women often had to have a maidswomen help her to stand up straight and balance.

In the 2000's for women to have well shaped legs became more of an asset than ever before. Women in the 21st century have quite a variety of shoes to chose from, heels, tennis shoes, flip flops, stilettos, and flats. Platform shoes became popular in 1970, beginning with John Travolta's appearance on Saturday Night Live. In the 1960's, boots were the fashion, shoes became chunkier with thicker, lower heels and rounded or squared toes. Classic court shoes were the predominant fashion in the 1950's for women with strappy sandals and flat ballet pumps.

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