Ancient Shoes: During the Ice Age people called the Cro-Magnons wore simple leather boots, protecting their feet from the cold was essential. Soldiers wore sturdy boots, which helped on long marches, and the Roman soldiers wore tough boots also. The long journeys undertaken by European crusaders lead to making stronger, longer-lasting shoes a neccessity. The colonists learned how to make animal-hide mocossins from the Indians, and the mocossins became so popular in the mother country that the colonies began exporting mocossins to England as early as 1650.


Midieval and Renaissance Shoes: Saxon and Vikings wore wore simple leather boots and shoes but in the 12th century rich people began to wear shoes with long pointed toes. At the end of the 15th century, long toes went out of fashion and the wealthy began to wear shoes with square or rounded toes. In the middle ages peasants wore wodden clogs for working in muddy conditions. At the end of the 16th century women began to wear shoes with high heels. Once the 18th century hit, there were many different types of shoes. Waelthy people had buckles made of silver. In the 17th and 18th centuries, women wore shoes of satin or silk, often they were embroidered. Outdoors people wore overshoes like sandals of wood or leather over their shoes to protect them.


19th Century Shoes: In the early 19th century, shoes were made for a left and right foot instead of being interchangeable. In the 19th century shoes had laces rather than buckles. In the early 19th century, a new type of boot was named after the Duke of Wellington. At first they were made of leather, but from the 1850's they were made of rubber.

20th Century Shoes: As late as the 1920's, children played in the streets barefoot because they could not afford a decent pair of shoes. In the 1920's, women's shoes were often decorated with beads. Then in the 1950's stiletto heels became fashionable for women. In the 1950's some women wore strapless shoes called mules. For men in the late 1950's shoes with long pointed toes called winkle pickers were popular to wear. In the 1960's boots for women came back into fashion and in the 1970's shoes with platform soles were popular for both sexes. Meanwhile, trainers were designed in 1949 by Adolf Dasler. Flip flops were invented in 1956. The famous Dr.Martens boot was introduced in 1960.


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