Men also have quite a variety to chose from when they go and buy a pair of shoes. More conservative guys stuck with oxfords, brogues and loafers. Late in the 60's, moccasins became popular and they were most likely designer versions of the hippie styles. The younger generation wore the Chelsea boot, popularized by the Beatles. This boot had a triangular elastic inserted in both sides. The cowboy boot also became popular, again following the trends of the Beatles.

For the most part, men's dress shoe styles run Italian, British, and American. Italian dress shoes are more sleek; British dress shoes are distinctly traditional and American male dress shoes are more clunky and conservative. Dress shoes usually start off around $350.00 and range to $1,000.00.

The preppy look arrived in America, and teenage boys took to wearing All Star basketball boots. British youth adopted wearing the winkle picker, a very low-pointed boot. The desert boot, which was actually a high shoe coming to the bottom of the ankle, was introduced in 1950, and marked one of the firstcult shoes of the young generation. It was a soft suede version of the polo chukka boot, with two eyelets for lacing.

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