Dreamweaver, Flash, Macromedia, Internet, Linking, and creating a web site...I had no idea why these applications were so important in the world of computers. From completing this tedious and interesting task, I am now aware of the trouble that people go through to make all of the web site I find on the Internet. I was prepared for making a we site, but I was not anticipating it to be as difficult as it was. I had to create a flash first of all. A flash is an animation that is created in the flash application relating to all the other Macromedia applications. That was the toughest part for me because I am not very good at the Flash application and I had forgotten some of the information that I had learned previously in the year. After creating the Flash animation and making sure it works properly, I was ready to actually create the main web site in Dreamweaver, another application in the Macromedia section. We were allowed to choose any topic we wanted to, and I had chosen shoes because I already know a lot about shoes and I am interested in learning more about shoes. I had not known anything about Flash or Dreamweaver before taking the class so I was relying on what I had learned previously in the year, and I don't have the best memory, and for the most part I played games or went on other web sites instead of completing my web site on time. I had waited until the last few days to do most of it and that was a very bad choice on my part. Other than relaying on my skills that I had learned previously in the year, I had to make sure I knew what I was doing and whether I was doing it right. By learning how to make a flash before doing the project, I was able to understand more about how to make one, and why they are so important to a web site. It was important for me to pay attention earlier in the year because I had to incorporate all the skills I had learned.

I didn't have much of a process at first because I waited until the last few days to complete it. I wish I had no procrastinated so much because I would have finished earlier and I wouldn not have been stressing over it and if I had finished earlier then I could have been working on other school work or studying for other exams. I encountered a few problems through the process of making the web site. I had difficulty in making the flash because I did not know what I was doing half the time. I finally got the hang of makinga flash and the first thing I did was make it. After that, I was not efficeient in making my web site and I had procrastinated many days. I thought it was going to be easier than it was. I didn't have difficutly with finding information and insterting pictures but I did have difficulty with making the web site pretty and I had to make sure that I saved each place I found the information from. All I had to do was actually do the work to solve the problems that I had and that's what I did. I just went for it and started working on it. I know my web site could be better and I should have worked harder but with the time I allowed myself I did the best I could.

This task surely helped me with my lack of motivation and procrastination. Because I procrastinated so much, I learned, the hard way to not procrastinate and I know now that waiting until the lasr minute is not easy and is not the way to finish a project. I will now not procrastinate as much and hopefully get some motivation to do all my work in classes other than this one. I really hope that I do not save my other work until the last minute anymore. If I do that, then I will be more successful in school and in life.



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