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Designing a Website

Websites, how are they made? Some are designed solely through HTML; others use Dreamweaver to be designed without hours of code typing. In the Creating a Website common task, I had to choose a topic that interested me, and using Dreamweaver, design a website about the topic I chose. I also had to include a flash animation on the website, demonstrating our skill with Macromedia Flash. To learn the content needed for this class, we spent hours in class before the task learning how to use all of the features of Dreamweaver, as well as how to effectively use Flash. Through the completion of this task, I acquired a few skills. First off, I learned that I needed images to be a certain file type, or else they wouldn’t display on my website. Second off, I learned how to use Dreamweaver and Flash, so I could create my website quickly, and still have it look good. Lastly, I learned how to keep a website consistent, meaning that the layout of all of the pages stay the same.

To complete the website, I followed a specific process, which in turn helped me complete it quickly. First, I chose my topic, and made a flowchart on Microsoft Word displaying what would be on each page of the website. Next, I did some research on the content of each page, and took some notes on them. After that, I molded the notes into paragraphs, and copied them into Dreamweaver, where they would stay for editing. With the paragraphs out of the way, I did work on my flash, which would go on the home page of the site once it was completed. Lastly, I made a works cited page, with all of my images displayed with links to where I found the pictures below them. During the task, I experienced a few errors which I needed to fix to complete my task. One error which occurred was that some of the images I found were not working on Dreamweaver, so I ended up having to find a different image to put on the page. This task helped me understand Web Design because I learned how to use Dreamweaver to make a complete website, linking all of the pages on the site together, and making sure they are not a complete mess.

The completion of this task has helped me develop as a student in a few ways. First off, it helped me with the concept of time management, as I needed to manage my class time to make sure I would be able to complete all of my work on the site. Also, it helped me with knowing how to quickly edit a website using Dreamweaver, which could help me in the future if I ever need to make a website for a topic which seems important to me or others. I will use these skills in the future in a few ways. Firstly, I may want to make other WebPages for personal experience in the future, possibly for other school assignments. Second, I may use the skill of time management to effectively manage how much time I should spend on my homework before I switch to doing something else.

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