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Special Agent Ziva David (probationary):

Special Agent David is a former Israeli Mossad. She came to the NCIS team in the third season. She shares a special bond with Special Agent Gibbs over the death of his arch nemesis, Ari. Ziva also has history with Special Agent Dinozzo. She has a very strong, independent attitude that makes her tough and tries to show that it is possible for her to stand alone. Special Agent David is played by Cote de Pablo.

Jennifer Shepard:

Jenny appears in season three as the new Director of NCIS. She is another strong, independent women on the show. She was also Gibbs' former love interest and after not being in his life for six years, she appears again. Director Shepard is played by Lauren Holly.

Leon Vance:

Leon Vance appears on the show in season five of NCIS, and is named the new Director of NCIS. At first he is harsh towards the team because of his loyalty issues. He is an ambitious peson that shows he likes to have power. He is also a highly trained agent and is a friendship with Eli David (Ziva's father), and is skilled with computers challenging McGee. Director Vance is played by Rocky Carroll.

Special Agent Michelle Lee:

Special Agent Lee joins the team in season four. Not only is she a Special agent, but also is a legal specialist. She is an uptight agent who befriends Abby, but is seen as an enemy to Gibbs. This is broken, though, when she goes undercover and after she is seen being consoled by Gibbs after having to shoot a suspected co-worker. SHe also has a romance with Jimmy Palmer. Special Agent Lee is played by Liza Lapira.