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Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs:

Special Agent Gibbs is the leader of his investigation team. He is an experienced ciminal investigator and he is highly skilled when it come to interrogations. Although he sometimes has some unorthodox stratagies, he gets the job done and finds out who is responsible for the crime. Special Agent Gibbs is played by Mark Harmon.

Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo:

Special Agent Dinozzo, also known as Tony, is the clown of the team. He is always making smart alec remarks and refers to a lot of movies in situations. He is tough and usually tries to "one-up" Gibbs, but usually just gets a smack on the head from Gibbs. Special Agent Dinozzo is played by Michael Weatherly.

Special Agent Timothy McGee:

Special Agent McGee, also known as Tim or McGeek, is the geek of the team. He is brilliant when it comes to computers, but have insecurities out in the field. His Computer skills over power his social skills, which leaves the team either laughing or impressed. Special Agent McGee is played by Sean Murray.

Special Agent Kate Todd:

Special Agent Todd Was on the NCIS team for only two seasons. She was originally a secret service agent assigned to the president until she had a relationship with a co-worker and resigned. After this, Gibbs immediately gave her a job as a Special Agent of NCIS. Her and Gibbs had a special bond throughout her career with underlying flirting even when they argued. Kate also had a brother-sister type relationship with Tony becaus they were always agruing with each other. Onlywhen there were problems with Ari, both Tony and Kate showed they cared about each other more than they showed. Special Agent Todd was played by Sasha Alexander.

Abby Sciuto:

Abby is the team's crime lab tech, and she knows her science. She knows everything from Chemical and DNA processing to document annalysis and fingerprints. She has a goth-chick type attitude and she takes her job very seriously. Also, she is very close to Special Agent GIbbs and because they are so close their relationship almost looks like father-daughter, Abby Sciuto is played by Pauley Perrete.

Dr. Donald Mallard:

Dr. Mallard, also known as Ducky, is the medical examiner at NCIS. He has a great respect for the "dearly departed" and has seen it all. His focus and judgements are always certain. Dr. Mallard is played by David McCallum.


Jimmy Palmer:

Jimmy Palmer is the assistant to the chief medicla examiner. He is always trying to please the people around him, but often makes mistakes. He also says many things at the wrong time and is socially awkward. He also has a Romance with Special Agent Lee. Jimmy Palmer is played by Brian Dietzen.