Kullen McGill

Mr. Herz

Web Design

14 January 2011

Learning Reflection

There are many different ways to make and publish a website. In the common task that I had to accomplish was to make a website based on an interest that I had. I had to make a template of what the website was going to look like in a word document. Then I had to make the websites. To do this I needed some background knowledge from the previous works that I had done. I needed to know how to make a website using macromedia such as Dreamweaver and Flash animations. I also needed to know how to link and properly pull pictures off of the internet, and also put a flash animation on to the website and Dreamweaver. I acquired the skills of creating a website and a flash animation. These skills are important to know because if I ever need to create a website for a business, I will understand d how to do it myself instead of paying someone money to do it for me.

The process that I used to create the website was first; I designed the outline and planned where everything would go. I then made the index page and got pictures off of specific websites that had to go with my topic of the Big Ten college football conference. Then, I made individual websites for each team and linked them to the index and original page. I got team schedules and bowl game histories from different sites, making sure to link the images to the original website and writing the original website in my works cited page. After everything was linked, I was finished. Some obstacles that I encountered were linking the images to their original site, because the sites wouldn’t link. To figure out this problem, I just found a different website that worked. This helped me understand web graphics better is that even though the work may be difficult and time consuming, when I had a nice finished product, I really felt good that I accomplished it.

This task helped me as a student because I feel as though I have never been too good with computers and websites. This task helped me get a better understanding of what they are, and overall made me feel good as a student so that whenever a problem comes along, I know that if I put my mind to it, I can do good work.