The task we did in web graphics was a fun one. The task was to make a website using the program Dreamweaver. Thoughout the year, we learned how to make websites, from very simple to moderate complexity. By doing this task, I can make a website with relative ease. These skills will be important if i ever need to make a website. The first thing i had to do in the website was make a layout on word. During the creation of the website, however, I encountered a few obstacles. Probably the hardest thing to do was make it so that the pictures would work regardless of what computer you use to open the website. To overcome this, I made a root folder so wherever the website ges the pictures go with. This task made me understand the work that needs to go into a sucessful website. Overall, the completion of this task made me completely understand how websites are "written" and published. In the future, I can make a website and no longer take other websites for granted.