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Modern styles of music are the types we hear on the radio everyday. These styles have built off the roots of Old-Fashioned music, and evolved into beautiful new sounds.Here are some newer, modern types of music:



-Hip Hop/R&B

-Heavy Metal/Screamo


-Modern Rock

Which ones of tehse you enjoy singing or would like to sing is completely your prefrence, because each of these styls is extremely different and unique in its own way, which make them all different to sing. They all have difficulty levels, too, like to rap you need to be able to talk fast and a lot in one breath, and screamo is hard and strenuous on your vocal cords, more so than the others. These are the styles that are popular today, but in the future, we might consider these Old-Fashioned. One of the things that is so great about music and singing is that it's always growing and evolving into something new.

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