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Learning Reflection

How much do you know about singing? A lot? A little? Well, if you look at my website I can guarantee you will know much more. For this common task, I had to create a web site about a hobby of mine, or something I enjoy, so I made an informational website about singing. In this website, we had to include five pages of information/pictures, along with an index, a page with a flash animation we made on it, and a works cited page and a reflection page. To learn how to make a website and make a flash animation, we did assignments in class where we had to create a website following a certain format, and our teacher walked us through flash animations and how to create them and add special effects. During this task, I acquired the skills to build my own website and create a flash, which was the hardest part for me. These skills were important because they were the base of the task, and without the knowledge of how to create a website and make flash, I wouldn’t have been able to complete the task.

To create this website, I had to pick a topic, research it, and create a website over the course of a quarter, including pictures and my flash. I had to cite all my sources and create a works cited at the end. But first, before I could create the website, I had to make a sketch of the outline of the website, and the levels the pages were on, and include my target audience and a summary of what was on each page. I also had to include what the layout of my pages would look like. During the process, I encountered some small troubles. I faced a few obstacles creating my flash, which I overcame, and I had trouble finding some information about the history of singing. I found that the history of singing in general was much too large, so I shortened it to the history of modern singing. This task helped me to understand Web Design because it showed me how to create an effective website that people can easily read and understand, and it showed me how to make the website look clear and interesting to keep the audience’s attention.

The completion of this task has helped me as student because it taught me how to manage my time, since I had a deadline to create the website by, and it helped me become more independent as a student because it was a project that every person had to create individually. It also helped me with my computer skills, because I learned how to navigate through Dreamweaver and how to create an animation using Flash. These skills will help me in the future if I ever have a small business and need to create a website to advertise for it, or even if I take another computer course in high school or college.



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