Matt McGreen

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics

06 January 2011

Website Reflection

Wow, I never knew that designing a website could be so much fun! For this task, I had to choose one of my favorite topics, and then create a website about it in order to educate other people about it. In order to learn the content for this task, we needed to learn how to use Dreamweaver and Flash, that’s why we did many exercises that involved us learning how to use these two softwares. A new skill I learned how to do was make a website, along with learning how to make a Flash. I also learned how to edit pictures in Flash to make them move. I also demonstrated good listening skills because I did what I was told in order to make one of my first Flash projects correctly. Good listening skills were important for this task because, if I never listened and tried figuring out how to use Flash and Dreamweaver by myself, I don’t think I would have made a website by now.

In order to create the website, I had to first make a few different websites with Dreamweaver, such as the Pasta Restaurant and the Computer Ergonomics one. I also had to make a few practice Flashes. I also had to get an already moving image, and recreate it in flash, trying to make it as close to the original as possible. During this project, one obstacle I kept on encountering was the fact that some of the content on my pages would not be exactly centered when I wanted them too, making the overall appearance of my website lacking. In order to fix that problem, I had to keep on trying the center the content manually, until it was, what I thought, centered. This task helped me understand Web Design because that is exactly what I did, design a web page.

The completion of this task helped me develop as a student because it had me exercise my good listening skills along with my skills to think creatively. I anticipate using these skills in the future because I want to open up my own business, and creating a website could help put my place on the map, while at the same time giving people all the information they need to know about my business.



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