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Learning Reflection

Did you ever think that a girl like me could make an up and running website? I sure didn’t. However, in this task, I had to pick a topic of my choice and create a website about it. To help me perform this task, I did a lot of practicing during class. I first learned how to properly use Dreamweaver. I’d never seen this before in my life, and I honestly thought that Dreamweaver was just a huge application thats about the hit song “Dreamweaver” from the 70’s that my dad loves. I learned the quirks and tricks of Dreamweaver, and before I knew it, I could create a website of my own. I also had to have a flash on my website, which meant that I had to learn how to make a flash. It was hard for me at first, but once I got the hang of it, I was a mini pro. In this task I demonstrated the skills of how to make a website and how to make a flash. These skills are important because I had to have a flash on my website and in order to make my website, I had to use Dreamweaver properly.

The process I used to create this website was first; I had to learn how to use Dreamweaver and Flash. Second, I had to decide what topic I was going to make my website on. Third, once I decided I was going to do Glee as my topic, I mapped out my website and what I was going to inform people about Glee. Fourth, I started my website and made my flash items. The obstacle I encountered in this task was just making sure I completed the task on time. I take my time on things, so I spent a lot of time on this website and I almost didn’t finish on time. I fixed this error by hurrying up my pace and trying to not get distracted. This task helped me understand Web Design because I learned how to make a website and what guidelines and organizational tips that are required to be followed. It also helped me understand how hard it is to make a well run and organized website and gave me tremendous respect towards those who do this for a living.

This task has helped me as a student by teaching me how to really now computers and how to use certain applications that I made need to use again in the future, whether in school or in a job. I anticipate using these skills if I ever need to make a website or a flash for another class or maybe my future career if I need to.