Website Reflection

I never had any clue as to how to create a website but in this class I learned how. For this task I had to create a website on a topic that I was interested in. I had to do many things like make an organizer then put the actual website together with all the pictures information and the flash at the end. To get ready for this task we had many times to practice using the two software’s Dreamweaver and flash. Some skills that I needed to have were being able to manipulate the software to do what I want and create things so they look like the way I wanted. To do this I had to listen to my teacher and learn what he was teaching to us. The importance of the skills for this task was to make sure that I could actually make a website and make the flash move on it so that it would look good and I could get the beast grade possible.

To complete this task first I had to make an organizer that showed the design of the website and explain all the different pages that I wanted to have on it. Then I had to make a folder specifically for the project that everything about it would go into. Next I had to start creating the website on Dreamweaver. I started with the index and worked all the way to my works cited page. After the website was done I had to make a flash about my topic and link it to the website on the home page. And lastly I had to link my reflection to every page of my website to be finally done. I encountered many obstacles during this task such as not knowing how to use Dreamweaver or flash. There were many little things that I had to ask for help on to be clear so that I would not mess anything up really bad that could hurt my grade. To fix errors or prevent them before they occurred I asked my teacher for help or I figured it out on my own by just playing around or doing guess and check. This task has helped me understand Web Design class much better because I now know how to create a website and a flash and put them together. I know what it is all about and how much work it takes to make a website with many details.

The completion of this task has helped me as a student by showing myself that I can learn new information and put it to use and make the project that I had to for the grade that I wanted. I learned a lot about Dreamweaver and that helped me tremendously in finishing this task. I also had to work alone for this task and I had to problem solve throughout doing the whole task. I anticipate using these skills in the future because computers are becoming a very big part of our lives and I am sure that I will have to put these skills to work sooner or later in my school career and when that time comes I will be ready to go to work and get it done.

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