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Learning Reflection

How many people actually know how to create their own web site? Well, for this common task that is exactly what I did. For the creating a website task I designed and created my own website about collies using the information I had learned in class the previous quarter. In the website I had to include five pages of information about collies and pictures. The website also had to incorporate a Flash, an index page, a works cited page, and a reflection page. During the first quarter of the year I learned how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash and develop my own websites. I also learned how to use HTML language to change aspects of the website if I wanted to. During this task I demonstrated skills such as, researching for relevant information and creatively designing my website and flash. These skills were important because I had to include pertinent information in my website, but it had to be creatively presented to keep the interest of the person visiting my website.

Before I started creating the website, I had to pick a topic and create a written design of what I wanted my website to look like and how many pages it would have. After that, I was able to commence research on my topic and begin picking out the images I wanted to use in the website. Once most of the research and website design was completed I began to create my Flash that I was going to use on the index page of my website. One of the obstacles I encountered was finding relevant information on collies and the different types of collies because there are many species and types of dogs. I was able to get around this obstacle by searching specifically for “border collies,” “show collies,” and the other different types of collie. Another obstacle I encountered was creating a flash where the dog’s legs and body moved simultaneously and did not separate. I was able to solve this problem by zooming in on the dog and fixing the leg positions frame by frame. This task helped me understand Web Design because it allowed me to go in depth in a website and see everything that has to go into it. I was able to experiment with setting up a website, and was able to discover on my own what worked on a web page and what didn’t. Through this task, I also learned how to make a website that allowed the audience quick and easy access to anything on the website including making the paragraphs readable. When I put all these aspects together, I realized they have definitely helped me to better understand Web Design.

Through the completion of this task I have developed a lot as a student. I have learned to focus on my projects more so I can have extra time to make changes and not have to worry about not meeting the deadline. I also developed as a student because I had to become a more independent learner. More specifically than just becoming an independent learner, I had to work efficiently to create the entire website by myself while making it presentable to an audience. I anticipate using the skills from this task very often in the coming days, months, and years. I will be able to use my focus to get work done quickly and without distraction. This will help me when I complete projects for any of my classes or for a future job. I will also be able to independently work on a project for class or work without being worried that I won’t be able to finish it by myself. During the task I refined many skills I use often in class, and I will now be able to put them to good use in bettering my work.

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