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Brandon Aleman
Mr. Herz
Web design
18 January 2012
Real Madrid

Web design was pretty interesting, the fun kind of interesting. The task was to pick a topic and create a web page using information I found. The web page had to have a homepage, a flash animation, and titles for each of the pages, global navigational bars on top of each of the pages, at least two external links, and at least four objects. For this task I had to use what we learned throughout most of the semester, but most importantly how to use Adobe Dreamweaver. Before coming to this class the only thing I knew how to do was writing code because I took computer programming freshman year. I demonstrated the skills of proficiently using technology, using technology to find information, and responsible use of technology. These skills are important because without technology I could never have done this task.

To complete this task I figured I would write an outline and then do hardest part first. The hardest part was creating a flash of a soccer player scoring of a bicycle kick. Next I created all the web pages using the outline. Then I found information that I believed was necessary and put that on my website. Finally I linked all the pictures to the websites I got them from. During the process I encountered a few errors. At first I messed up on my flash and had to restart, but that problem wasn’t too hard to fix. I just started from scratch and recreated the whole thing. Next after I finished all the pages I checked to see if my pages worked and they did, but my flash in the home page only works when you start up the website but after that it doesn’t show up. This task helped me understand Web Design because we actually had to create a website of our own. And we went through what people that make websites go through but at a lower level.

The completion of this task helped me as a student by having to research things and also use technology to accomplish this task. I used technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources. Also I demonstrated the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration. And I also was proficient in the use of technology and showed responsible use of technology systems, information, and software. I anticipate using the skills and content I learned in this task in the future because Real Madrid is my favorite soccer team, and with this task I now know who is on the current team, and I have been thinking about going to college to study in the field of some sort of technology.