Brayden Stritzinger
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics and Design 1B
11 January 2012

Name of task: creating a web site
Core/content area: Technology
Learning Expectations:

    1. communicate effectively using oral, written, and technological formats.

1.4 Demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strageties though analysis and synthesis of data and information.
2.1 Demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration.
Technology standard 1.2 students are proficient in the use of technology.
Technology standard 2.2 students practice responsible use of technology systems, information, and software.
Technology standard 5.1  students use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.

Web Site Reflection
Have you ever looked at a website and realized it could have taken someone days to construct? Well, after building one on my own I appreciate and understand every simple or complex feature inside a website.  To complete this task I had to create a website using the Adobe Dreamweaver program.  The website needed 5 informational pages, 2 for my reflection and work cited, and an index or home page.  The site also needed an animation made on Adobe Flash Professional CSS and put it into our website.  To prepare for this task I had to learn how to use Dreamweaver, which took several classes to aquire the skills to build a proficient website.  After I learned Dreamweaver, I started building simple animations on Flash Professional.  After I started to make more complex animations I had enough practice on that program.  After years of looking at websites you naturally notice proper layouts for websites.  This experience helped me make my website appealing and neat. 

All the skills I acquired helped my website reach proficient and all added up into improving my website little by little.
To complete my web site the first step was to make a map of my website with each page and a description of what was going to be on each page.  Next I made my animation which happened to be a skateboarder since my site is about longboarding.  After I finished my animation a named and linked all my pages in dreamweaver.  After they were linked I put tables into each page to have a template for the layout.  The next step was to do a little research and put the information into each page.  After I finished all the typing I put my animation and all the pictures in.  I had to link each picture to where I found it along with put everything I researched into a linked works cited page.  The final steps were to make the web site look more appealing by adding color, titles, and other little details.  After that all I had to do was check over all my links and make sure everything worked by previewing my site.  The only tough obstacle I faced was putting a head on the skateboarder.  The head I had would disappear so I tried fixing it.  When that didn’t work I made a tunnel that went over him when his head disappeared to make it look like it was on purpose.  But, the program wouldn’t let me fill the tunnel so I ended up just not giving the skater a head.  When I signed up for web design I thought it was going to be simple and I was just going to just be putting pictures into a website.  When I started working on code at the beginning I realized how a web site is really made. 

Dreamweaver just makes the code for you.  I had no intentions of making animations in this class either.
This task helped me as a student by helping me understand computers better and figure out what is really in a web site.  I developed more creative trouble shooting skills and helped me learn how to make an animation.  This class taught benefitted me in areas that no other class has taught me.  I had never known how to do almost all of the things taught in this course.  Any future computer classes will require some of the skills learned in this class.  If I ever need to design a web site I will use these skills.

Home, Types, safety info,works cited, brands.