Clayton Shepherd
Mr. Herz
Web Design
I never knew that I would be someone to create my own website. In my Web design class I created a website for my common task. For this task we had to include a home page, five additional pages, a works cited page, and an example of a flash created for the site. I thought that this particular project was very fun to do because I was able to choose what kind if website I wanted to do. I was also given a lot of freedom for this project and had available class time to work on it on my own.
The most challenging aspect of this task for me was creating the flash. I thought this because the flash program used was very different and to keep up I had to learn a whole new set of tools and icons. After learning how to work the flash I felt confident in the completion of the rest of my website. The least challenging aspect of this task was linking all of my site pages back to the home page. I have had previous experience using this aspect of Dreamweaver and this was simple for me to complete.
I worked very hard on this project and included extra pages in my site to relay more information about my subject. I plan to use this knowledge in the future when I am creating any sort of animation or website over the computer. I learned as a student that if you cannot figure out what to do with a specific issue it is good to explore the program being used, because you may learn more than you thought. I thought this task was exciting and really caused me to step out of my comfort zone.