The media also influences people’s decisions on behalf of certain people who seek the media’s help in improving their reputation. In the past, powerful individuals have used public relations techniques to take advantage of large masses of people. If a person has public relations, they are automatically deemed as powerful because of the media’s reputation of convincing people to believe fabrications and fall into the trap of deception.Rockefeller was a prosperous business man in the 1800’s who lost respect from a great amount of individuals after the “Bloody Ludlow” massacre. A desperate Rockefeller turned to journalist, Ivy Lee, to persuade the public that he truly was a good-hearted man. In other words, Rockefeller was viewed as malicious for killing miners who were on strike. This public opinion affected his business, so the media was the only way to persuade the public and trick them into believing that Rockefeller had good intentions.
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