Courtney Danforth
Mr. Herz
Web Design
Creating a Website

Designing a webpage requires knowledge, skill, and hard work. A more experienced web designer would have less difficulty designing a web page than someone who is an apprentice. The task was basically creating a webpage based on a subject of interest. Each student’s webpage is to include a homepage with five or more additional pages, a flash animation, a title on top of the web browser, a global navigation bar on all the pages, at least 2 external links, and at least four objects. Each student was given class time to create their own flash animation, plan out the design of the website, and then creating the website. The skills that were needed to complete this task were the skills that we learned about throughout the semester in class. It would help to have background skills to help make the website appealing, however all you needed was the basic skills that were learned in class. The skills that I acquired and demonstrated while doing this task was the knowledge needed to use Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash. Organizational skills were also required for this task in the planning process before actually creating the website.
The process of creating the webpage began with planning the different topics and information on Microsoft Word. Creating a “spider web” table that listed all the topics that the website was going to include helped organizationally. The second step was the creation of a flash animation that had to be relevant to the subject of our webpage. My particular flash animation is supposed to illustrate the process of writing an article and then the article turns into a newspaper; particularly the New York Times. After four days of creating a relevant flash animation, I progressed onto the creation of the actual web pages.  I created these pages on Adobe Dreamweaver. Then I added pictures, information, and my flash animation to the home page and links to the other pages. Most of my information was derived from my senior paper from the senior project. During the process, I encountered some obstacles such as forgetting some of the skills we used on Adobe Dreamweaver to help the production of the webpage. I had to get help from my peers who were more experienced with the program than I. The task definitely helped me understand web design to a greater extent because it tied all the things we learned in the beginning of the year, throughout the end, together. It helped me understand the amount of hard work, skill and dedication it takes in order to create a strong and effective website.
The completion of this task has helped me as a student because it showed me how things have to be worked for. The process of learning about designing a web page doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes two quarters of the school year to completely understand the concept; however practice helps lock the concepts into the brain.  For example, knowing how to use Dreamweaver and understanding what it offers takes a lot of practice because of it can be complex to a beginner. That’s why it is crucial to pay attention to the teacher. I anticipate on using the skills and content learned in the future because now I understand that it is important to know the basic information on a certain subject in order to completely understand it.

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