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Choosing a Camera

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There are two major types of digital cameras, point and shoot cameras, and SLR cameras. Point and shoot cameras are the more simple and user-friendly of the two, but using an SLR camera is not rocket science either.


SLR stands for Single Lense Reflex. This describes the way that light enters an SLR camera. While there are usually many manual complicated manual settings, most SLR cameras now have an automatic setting which is very easy to use. These cameras have interchangable lenses and lots of additional equipment that is designed to go with it. The price range is higher, starting at about $500. But if you are committed to beginning photography, the results are worth paying for.

Point and Shoot

The name says it all. You point the camera at the subject, and shoot the picture. These cameras are very user-friendly and small. There is a very wide variety of cameras that take different quality pictures. For those who are not concerned about the quality of the photograph, there are very low cost cameras. Some cost as low as $20. However, there are some point and shoot cameras (at a higher price) that will give very satisfying results that look like SLR photographs but with more ease of use.

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