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Camera companies make different lenses for different purposes. Not all lenses fit the same camera, so you must choose a lense that you know fits your camera. They can be used as tools and for lots of capturing effects. For example. some lenses can zoom in very far. Some act as color filters and create interesting effects, and some lenses create other interesting photo effects that you cannot acheive without a special lense, such as a fish-eye effect or soft-focus lenses.


Nearly all cameras have a flash on the top that can be turned on or off according to how much light is needed. But there are also different kinds of flashes that create unique moods in the photo. One type of commonly used flash is a bounce flash. These are placed on one side of the object and reflected off a wall or flash umbrella on the other side back onto the object. This creates a more natural look, rather than using a direct flash.



Tripods are great tools for taking steady pictures. They can be used for any types of photos but they are especially helpful for photos that require little movement. For example, if you are trying to capture a dark photo that requires a long shutter speed, you will find a tripod helpful, as you will not capture as much movement.

Home History Photographers Tips Works Cited Reflection