The Elecric Guitar
An Electric Guitar has pickups that create a magnetic field and converts the vibration of the strings into electric audio signals. Those audio signals are transfered to an amplifier and after being aplified they are transfered to the loudspeaker. Using electric circuts the audio signals can be distorted or reverb can be added. This gives the guitar many different sounds and makes it a very versitile instrument.

The electric guitar was invented in 1931 as many musicians wanted to apmlify the sound of the instrument. Since then the guitar has become the most important instrument in many different styles of music, and helped develope the genre rock and roll.

The construction of an electric guitar is very similar to an acoustic guitar except for the body. An acoustic guitar has a hollow body that allows it to produce a louder sound. The electric guitar's pickups produce the sound so the body is usually a solid, or chambered piece of wood. Electric guitars also have a selector switch that allows you to choose what pickup is recieving the vibration of the strings. There are also volume and tone knobs.

The two most common kinds of pickups are single-coil and humbuckers. Single-coil pickups have a genrally low output and are good for blues or light distortion. They are prone to picking up electromagnet interference from fluorescent lights or power cables and can give off a "humming" sound. For this reason the Humbucker was developed by Joseph Butts. The Humbucker contains two coils that are wound opposite to each other. This causes no hum and gives more output due to the two coil design.There is also a pickup called an active pickup that uses an internal power source (9 volt battery) to power the pickup.

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