Have you ever created a website? I just did, and it took me a really long time. The task was to create a website based on something that appealsed to me and that i could try to explain to other people who were interested in the topic. Over the given time I had to research my topic, create a flash animation based on my topic and try to make it appealing to others. Before creating the website i had to learn how to type html, and use adobe programs like photoshop, flash and dreamweaver. While performing this task i leaned how to use these programs with efficiency.

To complete my website i had to gather information and pictures from the internet and compile them into a website. I experienced many difficulties during this project. Time management was a huge problem for me as well as difficulty creating my flash animation. I overcame these by working hard and learning what I needed to complete the flash. This task helped me learn web design because i now know how to create a website.

Completing this task has helped me as a student because I learned that if i put my mind to it I can complete a big project. It was a great experience and i home to take more computer classes.

Matt Carter

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