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Jacob Wojciechowski
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics and Design
11 January 2012

Creating a Website Reflection

Have you ever made a website? In the last few weeks of are classes for Web Graphics we had to make a website about any topic we want except video games. My topic was golfing. The website needed at least five informational pages with a works cited and reflection. We need ed to know how to use Dreamweaver. (A program that uses html to make a website) You also needed to know various commands for the computer like how to center text and how to copy and paste various pictures. You also needed to know how to make a works cited page to give credit to the people that had the pictures you used and where you got your information to your website from. Many skills were needed as well like problem solving skills if something went wrong you had to figure it out. You also learned patience if you couldn’t do something just keeps trying to di it just a different way. These skills helped her and will help for future tasks.

The process I used to complete the website I did about a page of work a class. Some classes I did more and other I did less. So it took about 6 class periods in the end. There were obstacles like we had to make an adobe flash and when it went on the document if you refreshed the page it would go away. We found out it was an update needed but we couldn’t fix it. This task helped me understand web design because we were designing a web page. We had to change colors of backgrounds and fonts and make the website look appealing.

This as a student helped me a lot we live in the technological age we will be using technology a very very long time and its just going to get more advanced it helps me learn how to use the technology. It will help with my grandparents I could teach them or even my parents about making a website.