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Apple is also a large computer making company. They call they're computers the Macintosh computers. Apple has created their own OS system as well, MacOS X Lion is the current software for the computers, and because it is a different OS, it is far more difficult for Macs to get viruses. Today, almost 80 million people use Mac computers and are very satisfied by them.

Apple makes desktop and laptop computers, some of which are very simple and affordable, others that are very complex and expensive. When it comes to laptops, the (now discontinued) Macbook is the simpilest, and the cheapest. The most expensive laptop is the Macbook Pro with a 17" screen. As for desktops, the simpleist and cheapest is the Mac Mini, and most expensive is the Mac Pro. All four of these are shown to the right.

The Macbook

The Macbook Pro

The Mac Mini

The Mac Pro

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