Jay DeLuca

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

23 January 2012

Making a Website

Making a website is not quite as easy as it sounds, when it comes to doing it all by yourself.  It’s a complex task that

involves planning, procedure, and finishing.  In this task, I was asked to plan and create a website about a topic of my

choice.  Being a technology person, I chose Apple Inc.  My website has all different information about Apple’s products

and history.

The planning for my website involved making a word document with a hierarchical chart outlining what all the pages

would be, and then making all of them with tables on them as well as titles.  Then I made a flash animation that would be

on one of the pages of my website.  Then I had to add content to all of them.  I had to use my knowledge of the

Dreamweaver program to make library items, and add and link images.  Then I had to link all my pages together so

people would be able to navigate my site.  During this task, I displayed my knowledge of Dreamweaver and some of

the features it has.  In the future, I will use this knowledge to make web pages for companies I work for, or for my

own pleasure.

I like computers, a lot.  The programs and websites just fascinate me and I’m sure that in the future I’ll use the

Dreamweaver program, be it for business purposes or fun, I’m sure I will.  This class has helped me to understand

how to make a basic website with flash animations.

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