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Matt Kenyon
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics and Design
11 January 2012
Creating a Website
Everyone has been on the internet and has seen many different websites, but have they ever made one? For about a week or two the class has been working on their website of whatever topic they choose. To be able to do this task we had to learn how to use a program called Dream Weaver from Adobe.  We also had to learn how to use the basic tools that the program has, such as how to link pages and websites. During this task I have gotten more experience with using programs similar to Dream Weaver. These skills are very important to know, without these skills I wouldn’t have had any clue about what to do; I would have failed without knowing how to use the needed programs. Also, it is important to obtain the proper skills for this task because there is a due date. Without the skills I obtained during the task, such as website development, I would have handed this in late.
To complete the website I first started out with tables to help organize each page of the website. It was best to start out with the same simple table for each page until you may need to change them around. Next we started naming what we would put on the pages and came up with how the page would be organized (Where the pictures will be/info/links). A few obstacles I faced were figuring out how to make the website cooperate on the World Wide Web. To fix the problems there could be numerous things wrong with that page or any page. There could be a problem with links or with the website itself. This task helped me understand Web design better because I learned a few things about how to make a simple website. And I also know how to make a website operate the way it should online.
As a student this task helped me gain more skills on how to edit, create, and complete a website compatible with the World Wide Web. I hope to use these skills in later computer classes or in any case I may need to work on a website for any reason.