Shaping Materials
Surfboard Blanks:
Polyester based urethane surfboard foam blanks are shaped to provide the ability to shape a variety of designs. A skilled shaper can turn a blank into any dimensions he wishes but the success is based on experience. Epoxy boards have now been experiemented with instead of using Polyester based urethane foam blanks to shape all surfboards.
Fiberglass Cloth:
The fiberglass cloths vary in weights. You can choose to used different weights to affect the ride of the board. The cloth can come in 4oz, 6oz, 10oz, and so on while the weight refers to 1 square yard of the fiber glass cloth. The heavier the weight of the cloth the stronger the fibers are woven together.
Polyster Resin, Epoxy Resin, and Catalyst:
Typically surfboards were made out of polyester based urethane foam blanks until Epoxy boards were made. The Epoxy resin boards are made by the use of catalyst which determine the speed of the board and other technical reasons. The epoxy resin is changed based on heat exposure and other techniques shapers use to construct boards from this material. Epoxy boards are typically lighter in weight then the foam blank made boards because it lacks the fiberglass coating that weighs the foam blank shaped boards down. Although a lighter board seems better wind and other factors can make riding a light board a very difficult and annoying task.
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