| PJ Dougherty | Mr. Herz | Web Graphics & Design | 12 January 2012 |

The World Wide Web is one of the best ways to obtain information on topics that you choose to search. The World Wide Web has countless websites that people have made professionally but also with programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver. In Web Graphics and Design I was given a task that required me to make my own website on a topic of my choice and insert a flash animation somewhere in the website. I decided to create a website about surfboard shaping and the techniques and terms used when surfboard shaping. Prior to starting this task, I had to learn how to navigate and use the tools provided by the Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash programs I was working with. I did multiple activities that helped me better understand the use of the tools that Adobe Dreamweaver had to offer. I also learned how to use flash animation to make certain mini movies. While learning and practicing these skills I was tested on a weekly basis. While completing this task I learned a variety of new skills. I learned how to create flash animations, manage a website, use table to create a website format, and lastly I learned how to use hyperlinks to connect separate website pages. These skills are very important when attempting to complete this task. Learning these skills prior to the task completion had a very beneficial influence on the content that I submitted when finished.

When starting the task I created a flash animation that described the process of shaping a surfboard and used pictures and descriptions that were easily readable to the flash animation’s reader. After I made my flash animation I then started to construct my website. I created a table and started to manipulate the cells and created the website layout of my choice. After I finished layout the website I started to insert information and create other pages that I would soon link to my website’s home page. During the task I overcame multiple obstacles. First I had trouble when linking the other pages to my website’s home page but after evaluating the problem I was able to figure it out by myself. Another obstacle I had to overcome was the insertion of the flash animation I created. When I first inserted the flash animation I was not able to play the video due to the format the video was saved as. This required me to problem solve and convert the flash file to a proper video format that allowed the animation to be played when the website was opened. After completing this task and solving these obstacles I experienced along the way, I have gained more knowledge on the creation and use of websites. I never was very knowledgeable about the construction of websites and the HTML format but after a couple weekly tests and different activities that helped better my skills I have a new understanding for Web Graphics and Design.

The completion of this task has benefitted me as a student but also an independent individual. I have helped myself grow as a student because I now have the ability to create a website and I can use this skill when I am working on a project or a presentation for the remainder of the school year. It has also helped me as an individual because I have practiced working independently and solving my own obstacles instead of asking for help from a teacher. This made me think more in-depth and logically and allowed me to discover new ways to get around problems that I come across when working with Website construction. With these new skills I can now use my knowledge to create simple but helpful websites to use as reference during a presentation. This will allow me to impress the listeners by having a fully constructed website rather than the simple straight forward PowerPoint presentation that is commonly used by others.

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