Tail Shapes

Rounded Pin:
Rounded Pin Tails are very smooth rail to rail. This tail design provides easier transitions when turning rail to rail.

Designed for larger waves. These tails have less surface area and perform well at fast speeds typically found in big waves.

Round Tail:
The round tail design is a very smooth turning tail that has a bit more surface area than the rounded pin tail. This extra surface area allows the board to be ridden ino smaller surf.
Square Tail:
The square tail contains the greatest area of any tail design. The square tail design will carve the sharpest most pivotal turns and be most responsive.
Squash Tail:
Just a rounded version of the square tail. It is somewhat less responsive and its carves are not quite as sharp and pivotal due to its rounded corners.
Swallow Tail:
The swallow tail is basically two pin tails side by side. The swallow tail shifter to the other rail there is a hesitation from one side of the tail to the other. The gap allows water to flow freely between the two pins and hold well when banked hard for maximum water flow.
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