Ryan Casey
Mr. Herz
Web Design
20 January 2012

            Have you ever tried making a website?  If so you would know it is a difficult, and time consuming process.  For this task I had to make a website on a topic of my choice.  The website had to include a flash and multiple pages.  To complete this class I had to learn how to make a website in Adobe Dreamweaver, which is a website development application.  Also, I had to learn how to make a flash animation on Adobe Flash.  For this class I acquired the skills of creating a flash animation, and making a website in Dreamweaver.  These skills are important to create the website because they are the programs in which we create our website, and if creating the flash would be impossible.
            For the completion of this task I had to learn a lot about how to create a website.  First, I learned how to create a website in Notepad in the html format.  Next we learned how to use Dreamweaver, which makes the website making process extremely easy and fun.  Also I had to learn was how to make a flash animation in Adobe Flash, which was also fun.  Finally, I learned how to put the flash animation in my Dreamweaver website.  The biggest obstacle that I encountered while making my website was the time limit I had, if I had more time I would have had more webpages and a better quality for the website overall.  This task helped me understand not only that web design is enjoyable, but that it is a time consuming process from making the site outline, to the actual making of the website.  The most difficult part is making sure everything looks good and presentable.
            This task helped me work independently which is a very important skill for school and for any career.  Also, the task helped me better understand how to use the computers, which I am going to use throughout my whole life whether it is in school or out of school.  The final skill that will help me in my school career is the skill of problem solving, this is very important because I will always come across problems, and I need to know how to handle them.

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