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Have you ever made a website? Well during the course of Web Graphics and Design, I made a web site about a topic I chose. For this task, I had to create a website based on a topic. On the site, I had to include information on the topic, a flash animation, a works cited, and a reflection. For the flash, I had to make a flsah that pertained to my topic, but also had to show my flash making skills. Before I did this task I needed to learn how to use both Flash, and Dreamweaver. I demonstrated my reading and listening skills. For most of the instruction on using Dreamweaver and Flash was oral instead of written.

While I was making this website, I first had to come up with a topic. Next, I had to create a Flash animation based around my topic. The next thing that i had to do was create a website folder and create web pages to make my site with. I next made an index page, and then pages based around Poker games and Trading Card Games. Next I gathered pictures from the internet to relate to the main, and subtopics of my web site. While making this site, I ran into some problems. One problem was that my Flash movie did not save correctly. So I had to Open the old file so that i could re-save it. This task helped me understand web design because I had to design a website

The completion of this task has helped me in more than one way. The first way this task helped me was by improving my writing skill by having me write and edit the info on my pages. It also improved my reading skills by having me read through my site to check for errors. I will use both of these skills during most of anything I do because i need to read and write no matter what.

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