Web design offers you the chance to construct something you most likely visit on a daily basis; a website. It may seem like a relatively simple and fun task but creating a website is one of the most tedious and frustrating tasks I've ever been assigned. To learn the content we created multiple different practice flashes and had to read up on all the basics to using HTML and flash effectively. I've never attempted to create a website before in the past so this task provided me with a huge learning stretch and was littered with difficulites. The first problem I encountered was with getting the pictures centered onto the screen and making sure they stayed onto the page when I opened it on the internet. Every other issue that followed dealt with the same content, like trying to change the color of the text without changing the other words as well. When I came up with the concept for my website I had a band in mind but it took me a while to decide on which one, I choose Daughters because they're incredibly unique and I didn't know much about their history until this task. I will apply the knowledge I aquired in this class to future websites I might have to design for my passions, such as film and music.