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Rainn Wilson- as Dwight Schrute is an eccentric paper salesman with a huge ego.
Leslie David Baker- as Stanley Hudson a lazy paper salesman who seperates his work life from his personal life.
Brian Baumgartner- as Kevin Malone portrays an accountant at Dunder Mifflin.
Creed Bratton- as Creed Bratton an offbeat quality assurance representative.
Jenna Fischer- as Pam Beesly the office administrator.
Ed Helms- as Andy Bernard a salesman with anger-management issues
Mindy Kaling- as the celebrity obsessed Kelly Kapoor
Ellie Kemper- as Erin Hannon the receptionist
Angela Kinsey- as Angela Martin head of accounting
John krasinski- as Jim Halpert the witty sales
Paul Liberstein- as Tobby Flenderson in human resources
B.J. Novak- as Ryan Howard
Oscar Nunez- as Oscar Martinez
Craig Robinson- as Darryl Philbin the warehouse manager
Phyllis Smith- as Phyllis Lapin a customers sales representative
Kate Flannery- as Meridith Palmer the customer relations representative.