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Caleb Cummings


Creating a website



This year in Web Graphics and Design We learned how to make a website using notepad and Dreamweaver. We had to make a website on a self-chosen topic for

my topic i chose the TV show the office. we had to have a minimum of eight slides and a flash image. to make this we needed to have basic computer skills be able to

read and write and to be familiar with Dreamweaver and how to make a website. During this i practiced my skills of making a flash and website. Without these skills I

would have never been able to construct a website and a flash. In order to make my flash I had to use paint to alter photos to make it animated. to make a website I

had to insert photos my flash and tables containing information on the TV show The Office. I also had to make eight pages for the website.one problem I had was

making my flash to work right but i kept at it and soon figured out that I needed to edit the photo in flash. I can now go out and make a website on my own without

the assistance of a teacher. In the future if I ever open my own business I could create the website.